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My latest submitted artwork, my original artwork, as well as commissioned artworks I've created for others. Feel free to look around the various folders in my gallery and comment if you've got some time! :D
$25 Commission Pin-Up Sale now OPEN!!  All info is below in this journal, read on to see!!

Brass tacks: My financial situation at present=not all that good.  Unexpected costs and bills and all the other fun stuff that comes with life have come screaming at me the past couple months and it's do or die time, time to open up for some quick pin-ups again!

I always get nervous/terrified opening up for commissions, but I'm gonna have to ignore the ol' anxiety spectre and just go fer it.  Once more into the breach, eh?Last time I opened up for commissions (Dec 2013/Jan 2014) didn't go too badly, there were a few at the end I fell a bit behind on, but boy was it a HUUUGE step up from the previous time I did commissions a few years before that (what a nightmare) so last year wasn't a total failure (only a slight one, lol).  So I'm going to try this again.  I always worry myself to death, but that's pretty much what it says on my medical records, so I'll just have to power through and just flip the ol' "open" sign over and not hide under the desk and just face whatever comes at me, lol.

I am doing quick, simple backgroundless character pin-up/standees/whateveryoucallthem for $25 each.  Please read the FAQ below!

Examples of what I mean (all are from my previous round of pin-up commissions) below:
G1 Bumblebee by KrisSmithDW TF:Animated Blurr by KrisSmithDW Superman by KrisSmithDW Captain America by KrisSmithDW Rei Ayanami by KrisSmithDW
Zer0 by KrisSmithDW Black Knight by KrisSmithDW Rocket Raccoon by KrisSmithDW TF:Ignition-esque Fortress Maximus by KrisSmithDW Doc Saturn by KrisSmithDW
Jangala by KrisSmithDW Tahlkash by KrisSmithDW Spartarclaws by KrisSmithDW The Glyph by KrisSmithDW Blackfire by KrisSmithDW

Check out the folders on the left in my gallery to see some of the stuff I normally do or specialize in.  Toylines, cartoons, video games, comic books, etc
examples: Transformers, G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, Marvel Universe, DC Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mortal Kombat, things of that ilk (but not limited to just these, please check the gallery for more!).


Q: How much?
A: $25 (Twenty-Five Dollars)

Q: Are you sure you're not undercharging yourself horribly?
A: This is, to me, by my calculations (re:time+work=??), a reasonable "sale" price for the time it takes (for me) to do these simple pin-ups, which is why these are just simple pin-ups.  If I was doing larger or more complicated commissions (ie: backgrounds, complex scenes, more than one character, etc) the price would be much higher, based on the extra hours of work they would require.

Q: What payment methods do you take?
A: I can only accept payment by Paypal at this moment.  Have had bad run-ins with money orders and cheques, not comfortable with them at this moment.

Q: You sure you aren't doing any other types of commissions?  Only pin-ups?
A: Yes, I don't feel comfortable at the moment taking on anything larger while doing these for multiple people at once.  This may change, but for now I'm keeping it simple.  Getting myself overwhelmed will just lead to me falling behind and I've had this happen in the past before, it's not a good thing nor something I want to happen.

Q: How do we do this?
A: Let me know what character you want in either a Note here through deviantART or an email to my email address (ksmithdw at gmail dot com).  After we confirm everything, you send payment to my Paypal address and upon receiving it I'll start work and then email it to you in 300dpi upon completion as quickly as I get it done.

Q: Advance payment? Why?
A: Burned far, far, FAAAR too many times.  Once for a very large sum of money.  Never again.  One (well, several, lol) bad apple(s) and all that.  If this was a larger sum of money/larger, more complicate commission, I'd do a "half now, half at the end" down payment thing.

Q: Advance payment?! How do I know you'll actually get it done and wont just run off with the money and screw me over?
A: My reputation is on the line.  If I screw you over, you'll tell EVERYONE what I did.  My "career" exists solely here, on the internet/deviantART, so I'd lose everything (so to speak) if I did that.  And rightly so.  So, yeah, that's the basically your guarantee against that behavior, lol.

Q: Will you draw "OCs"?
A: Yes, provided they have a design already.  I'm not designing characters, just drawing them.  Design would take far more time, work and correspondence and I would not be able to keep the price as low as it already is.  (PS: if you want an OC drawn, if you can please send me a bit of a character bio/personality info thing, last thing I want is to draw a miserable look on a character that's supposed to be happy all the time or vice versa, lol.  Many times a character's personality can shine through on nothing more than the facial expression, and I do tend to focus on that a lot in my work).

Q: Will you draw my character from the MMO I play? (ie: World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, etc etc)
A: Yes, provided you can send me screen caps of your character for me to use as reference so I know what he looks like.  The more screen caps the merrier in fact, lol.  Also, see above about a quick bio blurb so I can make the character express themselves in character)

Q: (Adding this as I have been asked this before) Will you draw/redesign my Transformers OC in your TF:Ignition style?
A: Yes, as long as there is a design already for me to base the redesign on.

Q: Are you posting these online afterwards?
A: I prefer to do so, and in fact many (most like "most") people insist that I do so (and if I haven't they ask why) but I want to play it safe and ask you first.  Your choices:
1 - No
2 - Yes
3 - Yes, but with a big ugly watermark (note: my watermark is hilarious, at least to me anyways)
and if yes, do I have to wait until after a certain time/day to post (ie: after christmas as it is a present for someone, etc)
EDIT: This is an image with what my watermark looks like:
The Punisher by KrisSmithDW

Q: A I allowed to post my commissioned art on my own dA page/blog/website/etc?
A: Of course!  You paid for it, feel free, just be sure to credit me and link back to me :D (Big Grin)

- Everything is done in my style, I can't emulate another person's style.  If you want something that's dependent on it looking exactly like the specific style it has, probably not a good idea to commission me.
- Likenesses of real people is a crap shoot for me, hit or miss, if you want art of a real person, its at your own risk.
- Nothing adult/18+/buck nekkid
- I've not really drawn a movie/Michael Bay Transformer before (other than random sketches), if you want one it will be simplified and stylized done in my style.  Sorry I have no examples to show, but you can always take the risk of being the first! :D

Sorry if this is unnaturally complicated or confusing.  I'm terrible at this sort of thing, lol.  I've probably forgotten something...

Thank you in advance!! (Tell your friends!) :D

- Kris

(EDIT: Changed to Bonus to Monday instead of friday as friday would not be a full week)
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